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Computer Science Study Abroad
at AIT-Budapest

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Computer Science Study Abroad
Program at

Why AIT?

  • AIT is specifically designed for computer  science and software engineering students
  • AIT is in English
  • AIT is located in the heart of Europe, in beautiful Budapest, on a lovely campus
  • AIT program is small and friendly
  • AIT offers courses beyond computer science
  • AIT organizes fun extracurricular activities
David Goodell
Carleton College

"It was so good to be in a place uncomfortable yet safe, culturally rich yet affordable. When you combine that place with a program full of academic rigor and peers eager to embrace challenge, you get AIT."

Kendell Byrd
Swarthmore College

"Studying computer science abroad at AIT not only increased my coding, problem-solving, and design skills, but it allowed me to become more culturally aware increasing my desire to compassionately serve, and to reach out to the world as I continue my computer science journey."

Becky Tang
Swarthmore College

"A lot of people boast that they had the best study abroad experience, but I truly believe that AIT is, without a doubt, the most amazing program any person could go on."

Alice Ren
University of Pennsylvania

"AIT Budapest was the best semester I've ever had — everyone I met, from staff and faculty to other students, was incredibly friendly and genuine."

Josh Pitkofsky
Carleton College

"I loved my time at AIT, the faculty were world class and offered incredible mentorship, fellow students were brilliant and passionate about learning, becoming a family away from home."

Yina Wang
Vassar College

"I came out of my semester with lifelong friends, an incredible bond with the AIT staff, and a deep appreciation for Budapest that I had never expected before. I have learned things about myself and about living on my own that I will remember forever."

Jazzmin Cooper
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“You have access to classes you probably can’t take anywhere else, taught by the leaders in their respective fields.”

Wenli Zhao
University of Pennsylvania

"AIT was, hands down, the best time of my life. The AIT Team is so dedicated, caring and fun. The professors are top-notch. Budapest is breathtakingly beautiful. I made countless memories and friendships that I will cherish forever."

Megan Zhao
Carleton College

"Being surrounded by professors who are passionate about what they teach and are experts in their fields, peers who are talented and are dedicated to learning about computer science, and staff members who care about you created an amazing experience for me."

Laura Romero-Suarez
Northeastern University

"Being able to take upper level CS courses in addition to Hungarian culture classes was a huge plus, made even better by the remarkable professors I learned from, and by the brilliant students who became my friends."

Joseph Perla
Princeton University

“I’m really glad I came to Budapest because the city is beautiful and the other students are brilliant. I didn’t know anything about Hungary before AIT, so I feel very lucky to have found out how perfect this program was for me."

Whitney McMackin
Smith College

"AIT is a new unique study abroad program that really bridges the chasm between academia and industry."

Kevin Zhu
Princeton University

"I had an opportunity to study with Hungary’s top mathematicians and scientists, and entrepreneurs like Gábor Bojár, the Bill Gates of Hungary."

Rebecca Schutzengel
Olin College

"Here at AIT, I found a multi-cultural community. AIT cares about you and your learning, embraces Hungarian culture and community."

Pratik Prasad
University of Washington

"AIT is an unmatched opportunity to gain insights about business and entrepreneurship, learn and practice design, meet great people and study computer science in a vibrant and beautiful city."

Justin Murray
Dartmouth College

"If you are a technical student looking for a compelling study abroad program in a spectacular location, AIT will satisfy you; but if you are a technical student looking to build a business and a life as a pioneer, then AIT is perfectly tailored for you."

Sarah Llewelyn
Skidmore College

"It's an eye-opening experience -- both in terms of cultural immersion and the breadth of computer science."

Akeem Williams
Amherst College

"From spending time learning from some of the best Hungarian professors with fellow Computer Science students in AIT’s beautiful facility during the week to exploring Budapest’s cuisine, social scene, and historical monuments on the weekends, the entire semester felt like a dream."

Tucker Gordon
Bowdoin College

"The program also allowed for a lot of independence while abroad. Instead of feeling like a student going to school in Budapest, I felt like an adult who lived in Budapest and sometimes went to school. I cannot emphasize enough how thankful I am to have done this program."

Derek Yau
Bowdoin College

"To potential applicants - AIT will provide you with a home away from home, and the chance to forge special memories that you will never forget. If I could, I would absolutely do it all over again."

Jonathan Gilmour
Grinnell College

"Studying at AIT-Budapest immersed me in Hungary's fascinating culture and allowed me to befriend and collaborate with dozens of dedicated, passionate students from all over the world. I strongly recommend the program."

Nhung Hoang
Swarthmore College

"Studying abroad at AIT is the highlight of my college experience. The city itself is a magnificent place to call home. The AIT community is small and close-knit. The friendships I’ve made there are for forever." 

Andrea Dean
Lewis and Clark College

"Living in Hungary and being a student at AIT were among the most impactful experiences for my personal and career growth in college. I fell in love with the people and culture in Budapest."

Jackie Hang
Colby College

"In one word, my experience at AIT was life-changing. The program coordinators and the professors made my time in Hungary truly amazing. I learned so much in my time there. The Mobile Development course helped me learn how to make my first app and helped me get an internship! The Data Structures and Algorithms course helps in even in my day-to-day now as a Software Engineer! I only wish I could do it all over again!"

Doren Lan
Harvey Mudd College

"For me, AIT was an opportunity to grow. I was able to immerse myself in a new culture and experience life in a different country. This was one of the most memorable semesters I've ever had."

Hector Solis
Princeton University

"AIT added another dimension to my college experience. The students were truly the heart and soul of the program, and I’m grateful for getting the chance to make lasting connections with them."

Thavy Thach
University of Puget Sound

"From the best accommodations to having delicious Hungarian dishes to high caliber classmates to fabulous staff to enthusiast professors teaching grand classes, AIT-Budapest has my highest recommendation of all time."

Aida Zhumabekova
Mount Holyoke College

"Most of my professors at AIT actually came from industry and not only taught us useful material but were also able to provide us personal advice and guidance in career planning."

Nick Tan
Lewis and Clark College

"I love the city and its vibrant culture, and cherish my relationships with the professors, staffs and friends, many of whom are lifelong friends and people I look up to. If I had one word to describe my experience on the AIT program, it would be impactful."

Meihua Pan
Macalester College

"2020 Spring semester has been a wild ride for everyone. For sure I’m very disappointed that the semester was cut short, but in a way this once in a lifetime experience also taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me."

Madeleine Hardt
Grinnell College

"Studying at AIT was a wonderful challenge. It was a new experience to balance coursework, exploring a new city, and traveling at the same time, but the challenging aspects made it more rewarding." 

Hossam Mabed
Harvard University

"The coursework is enough to keep you engaged and motivated, but light enough to still allow you to explore Europe most weekends. The staff are incredibly helpful, generous, genuine people and will become some of your best friends at Budapest."

Aleksandar Hrusanov
Grinnell College

"The unique opportunities at AIT and Budapest are endless. All the immersive applied classes taught by great professors, the city’s concert venues, clubs, the cosy teahouses and cafés. Staff and students are amazing." 

Derry Li
Pomona College

"AIT is a perfect abroad program for those who want to hone their practical programming skills while exploring all of Europe on the weekends. The support and care I received from the staff and faculty I will always be grateful for. Köszönöm!" 

Chris Klusendorf
Colorado College

"At AIT, I was able to focus on computer science and design, explore the great city of Budapest, and befriend my fellow students and the amazing staff. I can’t imagine a more welcoming and dedicated place for studying abroad."

Vera Resendez
Claremont McKenna College

"I can't recommend this program enough. If you are even mildly interested in AIT - please come."

Melissa Grueter
Pomona College

"The AIT community made the experience special; its small size makes the program feel really close-knit, and the AIT staff are really going out of their way to try to make sure everyone has a great experience. I can't recommend this program highly enough."

Carlo Sivilotti
Swarthmore College

"The curriculum options and excellent professors led to an academic experience that I could never have had at my home institution.  The staff was friendly, incredibly helpful, and generally made Budapest feel like a home away from home."

Mike Zou
Grinnell College

"The AIT program is a perfect experience for anyone who's passionate about languages, culture and technology. I had such a blast exploring the beautiful city of Budapest while taking on projects and classes I'm truly excited about."

Juleen Graham
Vassar College

"The professors were also really helpful and usually willing to stay after classes to answer questions. The city of Budapest is beautiful with so much to see and do. AIT-Budapest is a great choice which I don't regret!"

Ojaswi Acharya
Smith College

"Studying abroad in Budapest was unlike anything I’d ever done in life. Living on my own, taking care of myself and taking classes that I’ve always wanted to helped me learn so much about myself and about adult life."

Max Zhuang
Dartmouth College

"The program offers a mix between fun and travel with school and projects providing you with the autonomy to find the balance that you want from studying abroad. AIT is a truly worthwhile experience."

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