From 2020 March AIT is providing quality support for students preparing and applying for internships and permanent positions in the computing and software industry. 

CaCAO’s services offer group sessions and one-on-one advising in four areas:

Career Booster Day

1. Career Coaching: A one-on-one career training with a career coach
CV Writing

2. Professional CV and cover letter advising: One-on-one sessions with an expert in higher education and career advising to fine-tune the first impression
Anxiety Relief

3. Anxiety Relief: Individual meeting with AIT’s psychologist to feel more confident.
Mock Code Interview

4. Mock Code Interview: Individual meetings with a tech industry expert to refine skills for a code interview.
  • Students have access to AIT’s special interviewing room for video-interviews with prospective employers free of charge.
  • AIT students are invited to the job fair of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics both in the spring and fall semesters, where they can meet the most important local and global employers of the tech and software industry.