March 4, 2020

1. If students wish to return home or miss classes due to health concerns or voluntary quarantine not exceeding two weeks:

The AIT staff is prepared to assist students missing classes for periods not exceeding two weeks. This is done through extra consultations with the professors and interactive online connection to the courses where possible, which includes live video feed and the possibility to ask questions.

2. If the situation continues for a longer time and students need to stay away from AIT for periods exceeding two weeks.

Unfortunately, the nature and style of instruction at AIT does not allow converting courses to full distance learning experiences without consultation with the professors in person and group work.

For this AIT offers the possibility of attending any future semester for students affected free of charge under either of the following circumstances:

  1. Sending institution requires students to return from their study abroad programs.
  2. The Hungarian government mandates the closure of academic institutions in Hungary for a period exceeding 2 weeks.
  3. The U.S. government (or the student's government of citizenship if other than the U.S.) requires students abandoning their study abroad programs and return to their home countries.

In any other case, AIT's regular withdrawal and refund policy applies as published (page 14:


---- Besides this AIT requires all students to fill out travel forms each week before leaving Hungary specifying their destinations and accommodations. The AIT staff keeps monitoring the situation daily and issues advice on best health practices as recommended by the WHO and national authorities as well as travel warnings if necessary. Currently AIT does not allow students travelling to Italy and all non-essential travel for the remainder of the semester is discouraged.