AIT helps students find reasonable accommodation for their stay. Following acceptance to AIT, students should complete the Room Match Form electronically on the website. We try to find the most suitable accommodations for the semester in Budapest. After collecting all housing requests, apartments will be assigned randomly by ballot.


Generally, 2-5 students will share a two-five bedroom apartment. Housing options will be specified on the Room Match Form. Apartments are equipped with internet connection, linens, sheets, washing machine (clothes dryers are rarely used in Hungary), and a fully equiped kitchen. A cleaning service is brought in once a month.


Students often like to take advantage of Budapest’s spectacular cultural offering and vibrant night life, so AIT offers accommodation in the city center. Living downtown is more convenient for evening programs and on weekends, but this will entail a 40-50-minute commute every day to the AIT Campus. Students will purchase a transportation card, which costs about $20 per month for unlimited use. In most cases, they will have access to transportation 24/7.

Rental fee

The monthly rental fee is approximately $370 - $450 per person (plus utilities). Most landlords ask for a security deposit for incidental damages which should be provided together with the initial rental fee and will be returned upon moving out.

There are three price ranges for AIT apartments, depending on how much privacy you would like:

Living alone in a studio apartment $550-700
Shared apartment, own bedroom $370-450
Shared apartment, shared bedroom $330-370

Please note that for students only participating in the month-long Summer Term, landlords may charge a slightly increased rent.

Currency exchange note: estimations below were calculated at the most usual 270 rate (1 USD / HUF) this figures may change as the HUF/USD exchange rate is subject to great volatility.



If you would like to stay in an apartment arranged by AIT, please fill out the Room Match Form no later than 2 weeks after acceptance. (If you have a room mate request, please indicate this in the appropriate box.) If you decide to make housing arrangements on your own, please notify the Budapest office as soon as possible, and be aware that there are often hidden details and complications when arranging your own accommodations. As such, we strongly suggest staying in one of our arranged apartments.