Tuition costs (in US Currency) for in-class education

2022 spring semester - $16,000
2022 summer term - $4,500
2022 fall semester - $17,500

Tuition covers participation in AIT courses with individual mentoring by the faculty, and personal attention by the AIT staff (such as airport pick-up, orientation, housing assistance, etc).

Spring and fall semesters students are expected to select academic courses with an average load of 16-20 contact hours a week. While there is no charge for taking heavier loads, loads exceeding 26 contact hours a week are subject to approval.

Summer tuition covers participation in two AIT courses for a total of 6 credits, with individual mentoring by the faculty, and personal attention by the AIT staff (such as airport pick-up, orientation, housing assistance, etc). There is a $500 tuition discount for Summer Term students who attended the regular Spring semester beforehand.


In order to confirm your position in the AIT Budapest program, you may be asked to make a $200 (US Currency) deposit to be received within two weeks after the admission decision. This fee is deductible from tuition, but is non-refundable. Many schools have different payment procedures, therefore AIT will contact you after acceptance with your specific confirmation details and deposit requirements.

How to pay

Confirmation instructions will be provided to you via email after acceptance. Then after you accept your position in the program, a separate invoice will be emailed to you or your school with payment instructions. AIT prefers to be paid by electronic check, or ACH deposit, through the provided online payment system. The deposit should be received within two weeks after acceptance and the remainder of tuition should be received at least 45 days prior to the first day of the AIT semester.

Other costs (such as housing, health insurance, residence permit fee, etc.) are to be paid in cash after arrival.

Estimated Direct Student Costs

Currency exchange note: estimations below were calculated at the most usual 290 rate (1 USD / HUF) this figures may change as the HUF/USD exchange rate is subject to great volatility.

Below you can see the Estimated Direct Student Costs in US currency for 5, 14 and 16 weeks of stay in Budapest:

  Summer School  (5 weeks) Fall or Spring semester (14 weeks) Fall or Spring semester + Optional language course (16 weeks)
Optional language course tuition NA NA $380
Rent - studio apartment (highest cost)
or in a shared apartment (lower cost)
$975 - $1,200
$550 - $660
$2,600 - $3,200
$1,460 - $2,000
$2,920 - $3,600
$1,640 - $2,250
Utilities (including internet) $106 - $195 $340 - $620 $380 - $700
Phone and plan $25 - $70 $100 - $200 $120 - $250
Books NA $20 - $150 $20 - $150
Meals (eating out liberally) $725 - $970 $2,320 - $3,100 $2,600 - $3,480
Public transportation (monthly student pass) $25 $50 $60
AIT health care plan (obligatory) TBD $257 (2022 spring)
$290 (2022 fall)
$257 (2022 spring)
$290 (2022 fall)
AIT insurance plan (required only in case student has no "Schengen visa insurance") TBD $164 $164
Immigration fee (payable once) $66 (if required) $66 (for EU Citizens $4) $66 (for EU Citizens $4)
Entertainment and others $180 - $350 $500 - $1,000 $570 - $1,150
Total direct students cost for the given period (for shared apartment option): $1,680 - $1,790 $5,110 - $7,440 $6,090 - $8,750

Last updated: 03/09/2022

Because of measures introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, self-isolation might still be mandatory after arrival, although it is very rarely applied. Therefore arrival 10 days prior to the program start date is strongly recommended. Please note that for this reason in the 2022 fall semester AIT arranged housing is booked for all students from mid-August, so the half month rent for August is payable regardless of your arrival date.

Please note that travel costs to Budapest and back to the US are not included in these estimated costs.