Students interested in network science and computational biology will be introduced to multidisciplinary perspectives and their consequences for academic and industrial environments. AIT brings internationally-acclaimed scholars in these exciting fields together with professionals and business people committed to industrial/software applications for this cutting-edge research. AIT also offers a course on another cutting-edge application of information technology: computer vision. This is a research area where numerical and statistical methods are used to extract various information from images. Applications include medical imaging, surveillance, vehicle navigation and - the focus of this course – film post-production. Not only will students learn the theoretic foundations through interesting examples, but also understand how these concepts are put to use at the hands of filmmakers. The curriculum includes studio visit and remote session at the Academy Award winner post-production facility Colorfront. Further courses are offered in mobile software development, emphasizing the diverse resource-constrained hardware environments, the large number of software platforms, and the quickly changing APIs, and in applied cryptography (the basics of cryptography and its applications for building secure systems, with an outlook to the legal and business aspects).

Title Faculty Credits Duration
Computational Biology and Medicine
András Aszódi
Peter Sarkozy
4 credits weeks 1-14
Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks
Péter Csermely
Gergely Palla
Dániel Ábel
4 credits weeks 1-14
Computer Vision Applications for Digital Cinema
Gergely Vass
4 credits weeks 1-14
Mobile Software Development
Péter Ekler
4 credits weeks 1-14
Applied Cryptography
Levente Buttyán
István Lám
4 credits weeks 1-14