Students interested in network science and computational biology will be introduced to multidisciplinary perspectives and their consequences for academic and industrial environments. AIT brings internationally-acclaimed scholars in these exciting fields together with professionals and business people committed to industrial/software applications for this cutting-edge research. AIT also offers a course in mobile software development, emphasizing the diverse resource-constrained hardware environments, the large number of software platforms, and the quickly changing APIs, and in applied cryptography (the basics of cryptography and its applications for building secure systems, with an outlook to the legal and business aspects).

Title Faculty Credits Duration
Applied Cryptography
Levente Buttyán
István Lám
István Zsolt Berta
4 credits weeks 1-14
Deep Learning
Bálint Gyires-Tóth
4 credits weeks 1-14 (Offered in Spring semesters only)
Mobile Software Development
Péter Ekler
4 credits weeks 1-14
Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks
András Czirok
János Török
4 credits weeks 1-14