The program is made up of four course groups, each containing several different course offerings:
(1) Foundational courses in computer science
(2) Advanced applications
(3) Creative design and entrepreneurship
(4) Humanities courses related to Hungary’s rich cultural heritage

For list of courses click on the course group links above.

FALL and SPRING full-time students are expected to select academic courses with an average load of 16-20 contact hours a week (approximately 4-5 classes).  Academic courses will meet twice a week, for two hours per occasion. Therefore, 14-week courses typically correspond to 4 credits at most North American colleges and universities.  There are no additional fees for taking on a heavier load, but those wishing to take more than 26 contact hours a week must first receive approval from their home schools and AIT's Academic Director.

Full-time student status at AIT requires 12 credits.

Please see more details about accreditation, grades and assessment, enrollment and course dropping at Academic Policies.

SUMMER students are expected to take both courses (Mobile Software Development and Budapest Studies) offered, totaling six credit hours.