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Computer Science Study Abroad
at AIT-Budapest

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Computer Science Study Abroad
Program at

Why AIT?

  • AIT is specifically designed for computer  science and software engineering students
  • AIT is in English
  • AIT is located in the heart of Europe, in beautiful Budapest, on a lovely campus
  • AIT program is small and friendly
  • AIT offers courses beyond computer science
  • AIT organizes fun extracurricular activities
Joseph Perla
Princeton University

“I’m really glad I came to Budapest because the city is beautiful, Hungarians are incredibly friendly, and the other students are brilliant. I didn’t know anything about Hungary before AIT, so I feel very lucky to have found out how perfect this program was for me.”

Whitney McMackin
Smith College

“AIT is a new unique study abroad program that really bridges the chasm between academia and industry.”

Kevin Zhu
Princeton University

“I had an opportunity to study with Hungary’s top mathematicians and scientists, and entrepreneurs like Gábor Bojár, the Bill Gates of Hungary.”

Rebecca Schutzengel
Olin College

“Here at AIT, I found a multi-cultural community. AIT cares about you and your learning, embraces Hungarian culture and community.”

Jazzmin Cooper
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“You have access to classes you probably can’t take anywhere else, taught by the leaders in their respective fields.”

Becky Tang
Swarthmore College

"A lot of people boast that they had the best study abroad experience, but I truly believe that AIT is, without a doubt, the most amazing program any person could go on. Not only are the professors and staff genuinely interested in your intellectual and personal growth, but you are also surrounded by people who are just as passionate as you are about technological and entrepreneurial innovation." 

Kendell Byrd
Swarthmore College

"At AIT, I was allowed to take diverse courses, immerse myself in Hungary’s technology environment, and learn from all my peers, and professors, which gave me a study abroad experience that exceeded my expectations. Studying computer science abroad at AIT not only increased my coding, problem-solving, and design skills, but it allowed me to become more culturally aware increasing my desire to compassionately serve, and to reach out to the world as I continue my computer science journey."

Pratik Prasad
University of Washington

"AIT is an unmatched opportunity to gain insights about business and entrepreneurship, learn and practice design, meet great people and study computer science in a vibrant and beautiful city."

Justin Murray
Dartmouth College

"AIT is an academy for innovation: in fields from industrial design to programming to business, we learned skills to take our ideas from conception to production. If you are a technical student looking for a compelling study abroad program in a spectacular location, AIT will satisfy you; but if you are a technical student looking to build a business and a life as a pioneer, then AIT is perfectly tailored for you."


Sarah Llewelyn
Skidmore College

"AIT has been inspiring, full of amazing people and unique classes. It's an eye-opening experience -- both in terms of cultural immersion and the breadth of computer science."

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